We all make mistakes

When we let our self down, Satan becomes more alert, and will try to make us feel unworthy of God’s love and forgiveness, by causing us to replay negative thoughts about our self, over and over… when in truth Jesus died for our sin’s, because all humans are imperfect, and as long as we repent and apologize from the heart, we are forgiven.

So we must not allow the mind to chatter and become depressed about our poor actions, because the longer we wallow in negativity, the harder it is to let it go… to which darkness has us in it’s grip.

So don’t stay down, get back up, and get up as quick as you can, because God love’s you.

~ SOL ~


Don’t let darkness override your parade of peace.

Darkness will always appear and disrupt us,when we are feeling good… for it wants to trick us into believing that we are not good enough to have peace and happiness in our life.

To which we must always remember… that Satan is the king of lies… and nothing more.